Blue Harvest provides sustainable agricultural related advice and investment opportunities to qualified private- and institutional investors. 

With our unique investment platform, coupled with our clients’ individual investment criteria, we

  • provide innovative advice and promote state-of-the-art ethical and environmentally sound agriculture related investment opportunities. 
  • design pioneering investment portfolios exclusively composed by agricultural- and farm-related investment vehicles, ranging from listed equities to alternative investments, such as private equity. 
  • source real-asset farms in mature markets only that are net exporters of agricultural products. In addition, we make sure the farms respect sustainable farming methods, local and international conventions and laws, as well as strict animal welfare standards.
  • offer a complete range of comprehensive farm management- and advisory services, to ensure the smooth and compliant operation of your farm investment. A dedicated team of agricultural specialists typically provide for 
    • accounting and audit
    • partnership with farmer tenants
    • renovation- and maintenance services
    • input cost control and upgrade of farms

Benefits of farmland investment include generating income, offering stable yields, adding diversification benefits to a multi-asset portfolio, having low-correlation to other asset classes and being an excellent inflation hedge. 

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